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SIMPLAY (short for Simulator Play) is Long Island’s only multi-sport simulator facility. Equipped with 8 units, we have something to offer for everyone. From 87 golf courses around the world to choose from to fighting the undead in zombie dodge ball, SIMPLAY provides a unique experience for the entire family.

The 15,000 square foot facility is centrally located in the Hauppauge Office Park which makes it easy to get to from anywhere on Long Island. Each simulator can be programmed to play any of the major sports plus carnival games. So you can try your luck kicking field goals, beating an alien soccer goalie, or working on your fastball. Our Simulators are offered on an hourly basis through our convenient on-line reservation system which makes it easy to see when times are available and book instantly. SIMPLAY is also equipped with a 400+ Square Foot putting green area for practice before, during and after your simulator session. We have plenty of 4K HD televisions strategically placed so you will never miss any games being televised.

SIMPLAY has a full service bar with service to the simulators so you never have to leave the action. We also offer a menu of lite-bites so you can eat while you play.

Our facility is equipped with a 4,000 square foot venue room which is perfect for any kind of event. This room can accommodate up to 200 people and can be rented independently or in conjunction with our simulators, that can provide a unique atmosphere.

Our 2 VIP rooms house 16 foot simulator screens that can also be turned into theater rooms. They also offer a 55″ television, bar area and private audio system.



Have you ever wanted to play at some of the worlds top golf courses, but haven’t got the funds, the time or the gear? Well now you can play hundreds of the best known greens right here and enjoy a drink or two at the same time.

Visual Sports golf simulators and multi-sport simulators bring the excitement of real sports into your life with incredible precision, real equipment and amazingly lifelike game play. Our simulators offer a high-end entertainment and training experience by combining industry leading golf simulation with the only multi-sport capability on the market. With more sports, better technology and models that fit any space, we offer the industry’s best and most versatile entertainment experience.

Using our state-of-the-art golf simulators, you can play some of the most famous holes in the world. No matter where the course, experts have visited it and surveyed every inch of it to ensure what the simulator shows you accurately reflects the genuine article. From the lay of the land to the differing textures of the greens – everything has been thought of.

When you tee off, high speed cameras and sensors track your every movement to accurately interpret your shot. The HD digital imaging then relocates you to your new position and the large screen gives you a sense of being there in person.


Team up with your friends and score touchdowns. A night of football and drinks sounds like fun to most sports fans. Play the game without the sweat. No bulky pads, no tackling, no waking up in pain the next day, but all the fun of scoring against your rival team. Try our simulated football experience and you definitely will not be disappointed. Play as your favorite player in the big game.


Take the chance to play some simulated basketball. It allows players to shoot baskets at simulated hoops with a variety of realistic backgrounds. Basketball competition simulator environments range from parks to street courts.

While playing, you get the feeling of a realistic perspective of the basketball hoop and net. The player views a system scoreboard which displays all of the scoring throughout the game. When the simulated game is over, you receive a report summary with all the updates of your game.


Want to play like your favorite major leaguers? Check out our virtual reality baseball games. You can reserve one of our six virtual reality rooms to play on your favorite team.

Use our virtual reality baseball training and amusement apparatus which detects the speed and projected flight of a batted baseball or softball. The invention provides a display of a simulated game played in response to the trajectory information of a struck ball. The invention also allows users to interact with the simulated game by moving players in response to the simulated flight of the ball.

While playing, you get the feeling of a realistic perspective of the basketball hoop and net. The player views a system scoreboard which displays all of the scoring throughout the game. When the simulated game is over, you receive a report summary with all the updates of your game.


For all those die hard soccer fans out there, come try out our simulation of the game and let us know what you think. All positions are available for you to play. Play against friends or teams from all around the world. There’s no better way to play sports than at SIMPLAY.


Playing dodgeball is simple when it’s simulated. Join a team and take the court using 2D characters. You throw balls back and forth, attempting to hit members of the opposing team. The simulated Dodgeball game provides both Eastern and Western dodgeball rules. The game also provides different modes and levels for the players to excel to.


Simulated Hockey was designed to provide the player with the most realistic and advanced hockey experience possible. NHL players were consulted during design to create a unique combination of video and animation processes that simulate real player and goaltender movements. Players can test their shots against life-size goaltenders on life size nets in a simulated environment. Players can also test their shots on corner targets, and be tested on their speed, accuracy and reflex time. After the hockey simulation session, a report summary is displayed.

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