Top 10 reasons to try indoor simulator golf on Long Island

  1. Golf any time of the year on Long Island, rain or shine!:
    • As golfers, with indoor simulator golf, specifically here on Long Island, we sometimes are at the mercy of the weather. With rain, sleet and snow comes hopes for warmer weather. To get out on the green ready for a good game. With indoor simulator golf you can play anytime of the year.
    • Even warmer weather can prove challenging for some Long Island Golf enthusiasts. With high heat and humidity comes the potential for heat stroke and other heat related ailments. When the weather is just too warm, indoor golf in a climate controlled facility is perfect to keep your game tight.

  2. Keep in touch with your golfing friends and the Long Island Golfing community:
    • For the most part, Long Island golfers leave their golfing friends behind starting in late October once the weather chills. Oftentimes we then do not see our golfing partners and friends again until late April. Indoor simulator golf keeps you social and entrenched in the game you love, ALL YEAR LONG!

  3. Stay on top of your golf game:
    • When you take half a year off because the weather isn’t cooperating, this can easily make you rusty. As a golfing enthusiast we want to continually improve our stance and swing. With indoor simulator golf on Long Island, you can stay on top of your game all year round. Simulators allow you to use your very own clubs, practice your swing and stance and master all sorts of courses and obstacles commonly found at a Long Island (or PGA rated) golf course.

  4. Long Island Simulator Golf technology feels like the real thing.
    • Indoor golf technology has come a long way in the past few decades. From various obstacles and wind conditions, to the overall feel of a golf ball as you swing with your own clubs, indoor simulator golf feels like you are on the green.
    • Indoor golf simulator technology allows for ongoing training and on-course play. Save and manage your score, work in a league vying for the weekly top position and much more.
    • Our Long Island Golf simulators make use of high-speed cameras as well as radar based technology. All assisting in making the game feel real.
    • With advanced, state-of-the-art golf simulator graphics you will quickly realize this is no kids game.
    • You have the ability to play the world’s most famous golf courses. It’s quite possible you will even find one of your real world favorites in the simulator library.

  5. Prep for your next big golf outing or vacation:
    • Indoor simulator golf is one of the best ways to quickly prepare for your next golfing outing! Whether it’s on Long Island or abroad, be golf course-ready ready for when you hit the first tee and wow your friends and competitors.

  6. Improve your game when you hit any Long Island golf course:
    • Here at Simplay on Long Island, our simulated golf establishment has golf professionals on staff ready to help you bring your game to the next level. Take a lesson or several with our pro golfing instructors and programs in a climate-controlled environment using your clubs (or ours).
    • At Simplay, we store your golf performance helping you perfect your game over time.

  7. As a Long Island golf rookie- Simulator golf is a great Introduction to the game:
    • Just starting out with golf? Long Island Indoor simulator golf at Simplay is the perfect place to take your first swing and learn the basics of proper golf technique. 
    • Get used to your new clubs indoors without distraction of other golfers or players. It takes plenty of practice to understand the game of golf. It takes years of practice to be decent. With indoor simulator golf on Long Island, you can learn and grow discreetly in a less intimidating, private environment. All in a climate controlled building!

  8. Make new life long friends and long term Long Island golfing connections:
    • Our Indoor simulator golf venue is a  hub for Long Island golfers. With less space between one another (not spread out on a Long Island golf course) mingling and making connections is much easier.

  9. Prepare for those dreaded corporate work golf outings:
    • Many C suite (and beyond) executives are avid golfers. We’ve found that most corporate golfing events on Long Island tend to take place in late Spring and Early Summer. This is at a time when, due to the wet / winter months, many players have not swung a club in 6 months or more. Shake off the golf course rust and perfect your swing and impress your boss, colleague or potential client with a few Simplay indoor simulator golf games before the big game.
    • Feel confident on that first tee and throughout the course. After all, a game of corporate golf should be enjoyed. The purpose is to mingle and grow closer with your colleagues and not worry about the game.

  10. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun!
    • Our indoor golf simulator on Long Island combines the very best indoor golfing experience with a full bar serving great food and drinks. Dang BBQ Cantina is the perfect place to grab an afternoon meal all while enjoying your favorite pastime. At Simplay, we’ve created an environment that is prime for all levels of golfers (or non-golfers).

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